Our Manufacture Products

Injection mould

  • We manufacture plastic injection mould from 80T to 1600T. The maximum mould weight we can handle is 15T.
  • We provide services to various sector who requires plastic injection moulds as per their requirements. We manufacture 2 plate mould, cold runner mould, multi cavity moulds and three plate moulds.
  • We can manufacture mould for automotive , white goods, electrical and agriculture parts. The maximum mould size we have manufactured is 2450x1450x1350 mm weighing.
  • We have major experience in automotive industry. We have manufactured moulds for interior, exterior, HVAC modules. Automotive comprises 60% of our injection mould business.
  • The material used for manufacturing is P20, Stavax, C45 and many other standard parts as per customer requirements. We have a good association with HRS supplier like Yudo and Inventive for better solution for flow as per part requirements.
  • Our major customers are Lear, IAC, Behr-Mahle and many more.

Injection moulded Components.

  • With more 20 years exp in Injection moulding field we have manufactured injection moulded components for more 30 customers. We are majority customised moulders who serves automotive industry as per customer requirements.
  • We manufacture plastic injection moulded components from 80T to 450T from our Daman unit.
  • We manufacture components for Interior, HVAC Modules and Grommet Assay.
  • As of now our injection moulding business comprises of 25% of our total revenue. But as we are expanding our base in Sanand and Pune. Our major revenue shift will be to injection moulding. As per our targets injection moulding in 2015-16, will comprise of 60% percent of our total revenue.
  • We will be setting up a total of 30 injection moulding machines by March 2016 at both our units from 60T to 1000T.
  • The machines we procured will be from best manufacturer in injection moulding machines like Engel and Ferromagnetic Micron.